My experience with 4th Dimension was excellent. Joel was easy to work with and did everything we asked. We love everything so much…especially the high ceilings and the wood windows! We were very impressed how Joel was always on the same page as us and was always just a phone call away. He same highly recommended from our realtor and didn’t disappoint. Dealing with 4th Dimension was quick, efficient and we found them very easy to talk to. We have already used 4th Dimension again for our son’s house. – Rick & Margaret Hoekstra

When I was looking for a designer, I chose 4th Dimension because they were young and had the hip and modern ideas I was looking for. They took my ideas and with great understand, translated them to the drawing. I especially liked how they incorporated the high ceilings, the pool, and the timber detailing. I found the overall experience, quick and easy and I would definitely recommend 4th Dimension to anyone thinking of building their dream home. – Mr Sidhu, Mission
My overall experience of 4th dimension was a enjoyable experience. They were both professional and innovative. The 4th Dimension team brings together both aesthetically pleasing design with efficient use of space. My expectations were surpassed by how the design details enhanced the usability of the home. I chose 4th dimension because of the personal attention I received, and because of the originality of their designs. I most enjoyed dealing with them because of their individual attention to detail and I would most definitely refer 4th dimension to anyone looking for a quality home design. – Nathan Stone, Odessa Group
Since this was the first time building my own home, the process was quite stressful. 4th Dimension was always there to deal with my phone calls and many questions. I knew I could call anytime and ask any question without feeling awkward. They were always there to help me through all my not so normal questions. I especially liked the vault in the living room with the fireplace to the ceiling. The building process was a big learning curve for me but I would definitely recommend 4th Dimension to my friends and family. – Kevin Cousins, Abbotsford

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    1. What was your overall experience in the designing process of your home at 4th Dimension?

    2. Now that you home is built, what are the features that you love the most?

    3. In which way, if any, did 4th Dimension exceed your expectations in your home design?

    4. When you were looking for a design company, why did you choose 4th Dimension?

    5. What did you enjoy most in dealing with 4th Dimension?

    6. Would you recommend 4th Dimension to your friends and family?


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