Joel Marples began his love for design at an early age. As his father, Dorian, worked his way up from framer to superintendent, Joel spent many summers wandering through framed houses and construction sites. With a growing curiosity for drafting and design, Joel joined and excelled in every high school drafting class he could get his hands on. Eager to take it to the next level, he signed up for the architectural drafting program at UCFV. Joel quickly established himself as one of the top students, finishing at the top of his class with an A average. He also was nominated to compete in the BC Skills Competition for Drafting in 1998 where he won the gold medal.

Eager to start working, Joel quickly found a job at Ledalite Architectural Products, doing lighting takeoffs and custom lighting diagrams. Acting like a sponge, Joel was able to learn an incredible amount about autocad, software programming, spreadsheets, working with a team of very advanced users. With a desire to apply this new found knowledge to the craft of home design, he started working for a small home design firm in Abbotsford. It was here that he learned the ins and outs of the design business. After just a couple of years though, it was apparent that Joel was getting eager to branch out on his own. So with a couple colleagues from UCFV in 2004, Joel formed 4th Dimension Design & Drafting Services. Starting from a small basement office, 4th Dimension did whatever it took to get it’s foot in the door, doing contract work for some of the leading designers in BC as well as gaining it’s own clients. In the years to follow, through the ups and downs in the market, Joel diligently worked his craft, rarely having a day when there wasn’t a backlog of work. Clients appreciate his friendly, accommodating approach and constant eye on customer service. With the ability to perform all facets.of drafting and design and an advanced knowledge of computers and software, Joel has the ability to perform tasks in a very timely, and efficient manner, freeing up more time for the creative process.

In 2005, 4th Dimension Digital Reprographics, was born, a full service reprographics shop based in Chilliwack. Although not initially involved in the day to day operations of the shop, Joel is now the manager, dealing with the day to day challenges of a retail business. It’s a good balance, and gives Joel that advantage of having a shop full of printers and scanners at his disposal.

When not working, Joel enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Christina, a middle school teacher in Abbotsford, and his young daughter Jaima. They love the outdoors, camping, hiking, roadtrips and sports. They share a love of music, competing in singing competitions and frequenting local karaoke venues. Joel is a firm believer in keeping it simple and living life to the fullest.